Office Makeovers


All too often small businesses are so focused on the day to day operations, they don’t even have time to notice their surroundings and the impressions these are making on customers.

I can bring inviting warmth and color to a professional work/office space, reception area, etc. that will express value not only to your employees but also your customers.

How you look aesthetically makes a statement about your company. Let Gloom to Bloom come and take a look at what your company is “saying”. Is morale a challenge in your company or do you have an Employee Appreciation Day coming up? How about showing gratitude for your staff with a surprise makeover to the staff lounge/café?

All projects begin with an initial decorating consult ($95.00/hour).  Gloom to Bloom Decorating works with all budgets.

Happy Client

“Gloom” was the perfect description of my sad little office. Because it was “work” I had adapted to being surrounded by dullness and clutter. After spending time with Lori and describing in general terms, what I liked and wanted in a real office, she took off on the project wholeheartedly.

Not being a decorator in any way shape or form myself, I had to trust in her intuition and skills; and, seeing her previous creations, helped a lot.

Well, the resulting “Bloom” was and is, nothing short of spectacular. The “reveal” day, was amazing. First with my reaction and then, quickly followed by the reactions of my Staff and Coworkers.

Finally, our President & CEO came in and was speechless. He basically said, that my office had “set a new standard” for other Offices to follow suit. I can only say that the entire experience was one of joy and complete satisfaction.

The fact that almost all of the furnishings came from Habitat for Humanity Restore is very comforting to me. Lori had a keen eye in finding the perfect green midcentury designer leather chairs (for only $20.00 each) that she cleaned and polished for my office. The whole room vibe took on a masculine semi-southwest feel that I love.

I can’t thank Gloom To Bloom enough and this new, energized office is now being reflected in my work.
— Dave, Rochester, New Hampshire

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from an office makeover?

Once we discuss your goal for an office makeover, a plan unfolds from there.  I can do one office,  a reception area or a staff breakroom.  My designs are professional and in keeping with the rest of the company.  My many years in management have prepared me well for the kinds of makeovers that elevate staff morale and customer satisfaction.  These makeovers can take place after hours and weekends.  Budgets can vary greatly depending on scope of project.